Meet The Quirky Dino Team!


Job Role - Resin Maker

Favourite Thing - Any dino beanie

TikTok- @QuirkyDinoDrew

Hayley's Comments - Drew is honestly the light in every room. He is the most positive and fun person and has really helped open up to my goofy side. Drew also has this hilarious laugh which is always funnier than the joke itself. Drew and I have been together for four years and our favourite place to visit is Brighton.


Job Role - Founder and CEO

Favourite Product- Plant Dino Note Book


Social Media - @TheQuirkyDino

Personal Comments - I started this business with no knowledge and no experience. It really shows how you can do anything you put your mind to. I like helping other small businesses as a way of building a community. We are not competitors, we are allies. Big businesses are our competitors.


Job Role - Sewing and Embroidery 

Favourite Product- White TQD Sweat, oversized fit

Social Media - @TeiloStudios

Hayley's Comments - My Mum is  so talented when it comes to sewing! She has always been busy with her hands and my earliest memory is her sewing up a hole in my school jumper. She also makes other crafts over on her etsy! Search Teilo Studios and have a look!


Job Role - Packing and Jewellery Making 

Favourite Product - Apple Green Stegosaurus Earrings

Hayley's Comments - Taygan is one of those people who finds beauty in everything. I don't think she's ever left home without a camera. She is also my twin sister! She older than me by 10 minutes and wont let me forget it. Taygan often packs orders with her boyfriend Lee, they make a great team. 


Job Role - IT and Marketing

Favourite Product- Stegosaurs Enamel Pins

Tiktok - @CerysMcDowall

Hayley's Comments - Cerys is my older sister. She has always been a voice of clarity and reason in this business. I always message her before posting a new product. If it passed the Cerys test, then I know you guy will love it too.